Annuity Companies

There are a number of annuity providers. The majority are life insurance companies that issue both retirement and structured settlement annuities. These annuity companies will arrange the scheduled payouts to meet various financial obligations. This may be a lawsuit verdict, life insurance claims. Life settlements are also becoming increasingly popular, as some customers realize they don’t really need life insurance anymore and would rather sell the policy fora lump sum of cash. Annuities and structured settlement annuities can also be sold to a variety of third-party structured settlement companies. Here are the main annuity companies that issue fixed and/or variable annuities:

  • New York Life annuities
  • Jackson National annuities
  • Metlife annuities
  • Prudential annuities
  • AXA annuities
  • AIG annuities
  • Genworth annuities
  • Forethought annuity
  • Allianz Annuities
  • Nationwide annuities