123 Lump Sum, LLC

123 Lump Sum Headquarters: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Been in business since 11/1/2002

a.k.a. Structured Asset Funding123 Lump Sum

Better Business Bureau Information:

  • BBB Rating: A +
  • BBB Accredited: Yes
  • BBB Complaints: 12
  • Complaints Closed: 12 (8 of 12 to the customer’s satisfaction)
  • BBB Reviews: 0

123 Lump Sum, LLC

123 Lump Sum, LLC is another company that is located in South Florida that presumably arose from defectors of another structured settlement company. They are a leading originator of structured settlement annuities in the secondary market. They are a D/B/A of their parent company, Structured Asset Funding.

While their website lists other services they offer, such as buying [investment] annuities, lottery winnings and pre-settlement funding (the latter possibly referred to a third-party company) 123 Lump Sum is known for buying structured settlement payments and is one of the largest dollar buyers in the country.

They also have an interesting relationship with a technology app relating to cash advances. Their lump sum offerings for lottery payments suffered in their home state when Florida started offering lump sum payout options itself, according to a Sun-Sentinel news story.1

123 Lump Sum, LLC Reviews

In case you’re pondering, should i sell my annuity to 123 Lump Sum, this review should help. We reviewed all twelve complaints from the Better Business Bureau and the majority seem to involve repeated communication (phone calls and mailers) after being asked to be removed from their calling list. At least one complained about already being on the Do Not Call List. Another complaint accused the company of using “spoofing” technology to hide the true identity of the caller (123 Lump Sum denied the use of such technology). Finally, someone filed a complaint about receiving a mailer claiming the recipient had won the lottery and should contact 123 Lump Sum.

Other complaints involved late receiving payments and another about a lack of willingness to provide prior record of transactions. This particular complaint was quite telling, not for the fact that the company dragged its feet on the onerous request of prior documentation, but rather on the fact that the customer had done ten transactions with 123 Lump Sum, even some from their predecessor company. This is a real testament to the level of service for the structured settlement payments the customer must have received (to be a 10x repeat customer). Unfortunately, the reviewer was not ‘verified’ by the BBB for whatever that’s worth. There were no actual reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website, which is probably good for Lump Sum, LLC since the vast majority are negative.

Should I Sell My Annuity To 123 Lump Sum?

Our take is that this company is one of the more experienced around, given that it began in 2002, and appears well-funded with access to capital. The company is well-established with a private equity firm, Greenhill Capital Partners, in New York City and has issued private placements of preferred stock for the company in the past. Their CEO, Michael Asseff also refers to relationships with alternative lenders and family offices.

If you’re still wondering, can I sell my structured settlement payments to 123 Lump Sum, here it is. The complaints don’t seem to involve anything regarding predatory discounts rates or not receiving transferred payments. It’s mostly about aggressive marketing, which may be annoying, but that shouldn’t affect the pricing they offer for structured settlement annuity payments.

As a founding member of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers, they helped oversee the creation of consumer protections for the industry.2 123 Lump Sum is one the structured settlement companies that you should at least consider getting a quote from. Always get a couple different quotes, in writing.

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