Annuity Transfers, Ltd.Annuity Transfers, Ltd.

Annuity Transfers HQ: Plano, TX

Been in business since : 3/1/03

BBB Rating: A+

BBB Accredited: Yes

Factors Leading to BBB Rating:

  • Length of time in business
  • Low complaint volume
  • Resolution of complaints

Complaints: 1

Complaints Closed: 1 (1 out of 1 closed to customers satisfaction)

BBB Reviews: 0

Annuity Transfers, Ltd.

Texas-based, Annuity Transfers, Ltd. is a purchaser of both annuities and structured settlement payments in the secondary market. They are a direct funder which means they put up capital themselves and do not require the use of a broker. On the company’s website they mention their ability to purchase annuity payments with the conditions that the annuity allows for change of assignment (i.e. “transferability”) and that the annuity payments are guaranteed whether the seller is alive or not.

Annuity Transfers, Ltd. Reviews

Here is what Sell My Annuity Guide has found during our research regarding Annuity Transfers.They are a smaller, medium sized annuity buyer, doing maybe one hundred to two hundred deals per year. But their size can be a good thing. They have received just one complaint via the Better Business Bureau’s website and it was apparently over a late annuity payment. The annuity payment was coming in from a life insurance company to Annuity Transfers, Ltd. but apparently the insurance company was about ten days late in sending the funds. But according to the complaint, the funds were eventually transferred over to the customer, to the satisfaction of the annuitant. The complaint was subsequently closed on the BBB website.

From what we can find, their dealings with customers has been quite satisfactory. While their website was a little basic, it was full of a good amount of information, especially regarding state statutes and required documentation when selling structured settlement annuity payments.

However, we did read about an instance of  “not playing nice with others” with regards to their dealings with the competition (other structured settlement payment buyers). According to John Darer of ‘Structured Settlements 4Real’, Annuity Transfers had used Yahoo pay per click to essentially manipulate the paid search results. When a prospect would search for a certain competitor or other structured settlement companies, Annuity Transfer’s ad would show up with a link to their site, not the searched company’s. It was also back in 2007. Our take: A little playing dirty among other structured settlement payment buyers but that shouldn’t have a material affect on their ability to service a customer, in our opinion. If you’re asking yourself, should I sell my structured settlement payments to Annuity Transfers, we would be comfortable in at least getting a quote.

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