Client First Settlement Funding

  • Should I Sell my Annuity to Client First Settlement Funding?Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL
  • Better Business Bureau Info:
  • In business since: 2/7/08
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • BBB Accredited: Yes
  • Complaints: 20
  • Complaints Closed: 20 (11 of 20 to the customers satisfaction)
  • Common Complaint: Solicitations to sell annuity payments.
  • Reviews: 1 Negative

Client First Settlement Funding

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Client First Settlement Funding is a purchaser of structured settlement payments, lottery winnings and payments from other types of annuities. They want you to sell annuity payments to them for a lump sum of cash.

The one review off the Better Business Bureau’s website was negative and mentioned the company continually calling. Often, we have seen instances where clients are not added to the ‘do not call’ list without an actual written request.

Client First Settlement Funding Reviews

This is what we found so you can answer the question, can I sell my structured settlement payments to Client First Settlement Funding. There were a relatively large number of complaints, although the company purchases a high volume of annuity payments, so some complaints is almost inevitable.

The Glassdoor reviews are pretty negative on the company. While this doesn’t necessarily translate into poor experiences for customers, it might indicate an overly aggressive nature at the company. This is a highly competitive industry and a pretty common theme we have noticed is funding companies doing everything they can do get a leg up on their competition.

As such, the work environments at these places can be stressful, which can translate to mixed customer service. If you read experiences from customers who don’t get phone calls returned by funding company representatives a high stress environment may be a contributing factor. It appears that Client First is very aggressive with their marketing campaigns and, according to multiple reviews, it takes a BBB complaint to be taken off their call lists. Phone call solicitations to sell annuity payments are very common with structured settlement companies including Client First Settlement Funding.

It should be noted that the complaints deal mostly with excessive marketing calls, a few different issues regarding some paperwork errors and a couple regarding delayed funding following a court signing off on the payments. These complaints may be irritating but they did not affect the most important aspect of the transaction- the amount of money the annuity payment seller received.

Should I Sell Annuity Payments to Client First?

We don’t seen any reason not to sell annuity payments to Client First Settlement Funding. We would like to see the company take a less aggressive stance with marketing efforts but the industry can be very competitive. So, to answer the question should I sell my annuity to Client First, we would feel very comfortable getting a quote from them.

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