DRB Capital

DRB Capital Headquarters: West Palm Beach, FLDRB Capital

Been in business since: 10/21/13

Number of Employees:

BBB Rating: A-

The reason cited for a rating less than A+ is the lack of time in business (as DRB Capital, they were Imperial Holdings prior).

BBB Accredited: Yes

Complaints: 10

Closed Complaints: 10 (4 closed to customer’s satisfaction)

BBB Reviews: 1 Negative

DRB Capital

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, DRB Capital is a purchaser of annuity and structured settlement payments. They also provide pre-settlement funding. While they provide all three services, they are known for buying structured settlement payments. These payments may come from a medical malpractice or personal injury award.

According to a press release, DRB Capital closed on a $600 million financing to fund the purchase of various types of annuity payments.1 They specifically mention different types of annuities including guaranteed and life contingent annuities. Like many payment buyers, DRB Capital purchases retirement annuity payments that have entered the annuitization or income phase. They claim to be able to restructure annuity cash flows in as little as three days.

Pre-Settlement Funding

The press release mentions options for ‘pending’ personal injury claims which speaks to their pre-settlement funding services. Through their U.S. Claims brand in New Jersey, which DRB acquired in 2014,  the company provides litigation funding for a variety of claims. These include auto and workplace accidents, medical malpractice and whistleblowing (qui tam) cases. They have reportedly provided over $300 million in litigation advances.

Through its Claims Recovery Group, the company provides funding for receivables to creditors and other claimants awaiting bankruptcy settlements. Finally, its OptiMed Funding Group provides financing for medical lien receivables and liquidity solutions for health care providers.

DRB Capital Review

So lets answer the question, should I sell my structured settlement payments to DRB. Our take is that DRB is a firm with deep pockets and strong relationships. Their management team is a who’s who of the industry including their Chairman, James Terlizzi, who spent a number of years at Peachtree Settlement Funding. As such, they have the resources to adequately fund annuity or structured settlement payments. According to their website, they have closed over $750 million in facilities among all its business lines of operation.

So, its time to answer the question, should I sell my annuity to DRB? Reading through the complaints and reviews on the Better Business Bureaus website, the most common complaint is for repeated marketing phone calls. Apparently, after being asked to be put on the Do Not Call List, DRB puts prospects on a temporary Do Not Call List but the prospects have to then indicate they would like to be placed on the permanent do not call list. To us, that shouldn’t be necessary and a little disheartening.

Despite that, DRB Financial’s website offers some valuable information regarding the structured settlement transfer process, openly discussing the consumer protections afford via legislation, specifically, the ability for payment sellers to rescind the agreement which we find refreshing in this industry. DRB is also a member of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers, a group of structured settlement companies nationwide.

DRB Capital also known as:

  • DRB Financial Solutions, LLC
  • U.S. Claims
  • CRG Financial, LLC

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