Fairfield Funding

Fairfield Funding structured settlement companyFairfield Funding

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Type of Entity: Limited Liability Corporation

Better Business Bureau Information:

  • Been in Business Since: 10/08
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • BBB Accredited: Yes, since 3/09
  • BBB Complaints: 0 (!)
  • Complaints Closed: N/A
  • BBB Reviews: 1 (Positive)
  • a.k.a.: Apis Management, LLC
  • Reviews: 1 Positive

Fairfield Funding

Fairfield is a direct funder of structured settlement annuity payments, lottery winnings and different types of annuities. As such, they provide a lump sum of cash for the future payments. They can also provide valuation services for guaranteed payments due to an estate. This can be done to assist an estate trustee or probate attorney. Fairfield Funding, a d/b/a of Apis Management, LLC.

Fairfield Funding Reviews

So, should I sell my structured settlement payments to Fairfield or not? After reading all the reviews we could find, it seems that Fairfield Funding is doing something very right with their customer service. There are no complaints with the Better Business Bureau (almost unheard of in the annuity and structured settlements buying industry) and there is only one review on their site which was positive and recounts what a good experience the reviewer had.

The reviewer was not ‘verified’ by the BBB for whatever that’s worth. Their criteria for verification states that an email is sent to the business, informing them of the review and asking them to confirm the customer, within 3-10 days. It’s possible Fairfield Funding was busy and just never got back to them. We would normally find this odd, except that there is nothing but good reviews for the transactions with Fairfield Funding, at least over the last three years.

There are more positive reviews from Consumer Affairs. In fact, they had 13 different 5-Star reviews and nothing below this level. All of these reviews were verified by the review site. It seems one common theme in reading [all] the reviews is that Fairfield Funding appears to give the payment seller a dedicated representative to work with (they refer to them as ‘consultants’). This format has been shown to lead to more positive experiences throughout the annuity purchasing industry.

The only things we could find was some complaints of competitiveness between Fairfield and their competition with regards to some pay-per click . We cannot verify that this happened and it didn’t seem to affect the customers in any way. Its annuity purchasers being competitive with each other. There was also some reported discrepancy with the length of operating history.

Should I Sell My Annuity to Fairfield Funding?

Fairfield Funding appears to be a pretty small shop, which usually means good customer service. This can be a good thing for annuity sellers. The names Kristin and Amanda keep coming up positively in reviews which you probably wouldn’t see with bigger shops such as like JG Wentworth who have huge marketing and ad budgets to pay for (typically by the customer).

To answer the question, ‘should I sell my annuity to Fairfield Funding’, the answer depends on whether you feel comfortable after speaking with them. We would feel comfortable selling an annuity to Fairfield Funding and would recommend annuity sellers at least get a quote from Fairfield. They can also help with the lottery lump sum or annuity question. But remember, you should always get a few different quotes from structured settlement companies, in writing.

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