Mainstreet settlement fundingMainstreet Settlement Funding

  • Headquarters: Lawrenceville, GA
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  • Been in Business Since: 01/12
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • BBB Accredited: Yes
  • BBB Complaints: 0,0
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Mainstreet Settlement Funding

Mainstreet Settlement Funding is one of the smaller players in the annuity, lottery and structured settlement payments purchasing business. But sometimes flying under the radar can be a good thing if you are selling an annuity. Mainstreet Funding is the low cost producer in the structured settlement annuity and investment annuity purchasing industry-they advertise [discount] rates always under 10%.

Mainstreet Settlement Funding Reviews

The management team at Mainstreet Funding has substantial experience (15 years) with some key members reportedly coming over from Fairfield Funding, also from the Atlanta, GA area. Mainstreet’s website provides a wealth of information on structured settlement annuity payments. What we like is their website details the steps involved in selling annuity and structured settlements payments. It doesn’t have you call or enter information for a quote and then have a representative provide the information. This is sometimes the part of the annuity selling process that gets people hung up, but they spell out the steps beforehand:

  • Get a quote from Mainstreet
  • Accept quote
  • Complete an application
  • Receive Mainstreet’s disclosure statement
  • Provide ownership of annuity (typically through a benefits letter)
  • Sign the Transfer Agreement
  • Attend a court hearing presided over by a judge (not always necessary to be in attendance)
  • Receive funds


But the most important thing for anyone selling an annuity is the price you receive for your payments. Mainstreet Funding advertises discount rates of 10% or less. Of course, a lower discount rate translates into more money for the annuity seller. A sub-10% discount rate is considerably lower than some of the larger, more well-known annuity buyers in the industry who are often in the high-teens, or worse. This is because many of those funding companies have substantial advertising budgets to pay for, with your money. We are often in favor of the more nimble players in the structured settlements and annuities purchasing industry.

Mainstreet is very well-versed in the statutes and laws of the various states and knows how to maximize the chances for court approvals for their structured settlement customers.

Should I Sell my Annuity to Mainstreet Funding?

We would feel comfortable getting quotes from Mainstreet Settlement Funding if you are considering selling an annuity. This is due to a combination of their management experience, low discount rate levels and no complaints from the BBB (typically, smaller funding companies will experience less complaints).

You should always get quotes from a few different structured settlement companies before settling on one, but Mainstreet should be on that short list.

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