Stone Street Capital Reviews

Stone Street Capital

Headquarters: Bethesda, MDStone Street Capital

Employees: 51-200

Been in Business Since: 6/1/90

BBB Rating: A+

BBB Accredited: Yes

Complaints: 39

Closed Complaints: 39 (10 out of 39 closed to the customer’s satisfaction)

Main complaints: Unwanted solicitation (mailings and phone calls)

Stone Street Capital

Stone Street Capital is one of the largest buyers of annuity payments and structured settlements in the specialty finance industry with over $2.5 billion in payments purchased since inception. The company also purchases lottery and casino (often slots) prize winnings. They offer certain customers cash advances and no interest structured settlement loans to deal with a cash crunch, secured by the settlement payments.

For the structured settlement annuity industry, Stone Street Capital has a very long operating history, over 26 years. The company has as many as 200 employees and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland (apparently missing the memo that structured settlement companies must be located in South Florida). Stone Street also apparently has some employees working remotely or with a small satellite office (one in Greater Boston according to LinkedIn).

Stone Street Capital Reviews

BBB Reviews: 1 Positive

If you’re asking yourself, should I sell my structured settlement or  investment annuity to Stone Street, here’s the review. We read the review and must say it is pretty rare to see a positive review for a structured settlement company on the Better Business Bureau’s website (that platform is traditionally a sounding board for the disgruntled). Apparently, a prospect called into Stone Street Capital regarding a Stone Street television commercial. The commercial contained a $50 promotion for anyone with a structured settlement to call in and simply answer 3 questions about their structured settlement annuity. (Sell My Annuity Guide is familiar with this television ad-it starts with a $25 promotion but then uses the too good to be true final offer, ‘but if you call in the next 4 minutes, we’ll double the offer to $50’).

After hearing the future payments and size of the prospect’s structure settlement annuity, the rep basically told the client, the payments were so small that they weren’t worth the court costs and hassle. The client agreed, was appreciative of the company’s honesty and was told he still qualified for the $50 promotional gift for calling in and speaking about his annuity- even though he chose not to sell the structured settlement payments. Often, structured settlement annuity buyers will run promotions and do their best not to have people qualify with fine print exclusions, so this was a refreshing account. This customer was not a ‘verified reviewer’ by the BBB.

After reading all 39 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, the main issue that was brought up was repeated [unwanted and/or unsolicited] contact by Stone Street, some via phone calls but mostly regarding marketing materials (mailers, etc.) Also, there are a couple reviews (with responses from the business’s counsel) suggesting that Stone Street Capital requires written (and possibly signed) notice if they want to be removed from Stone Street’s Do Not Call List (including mailers). If that is the case, that’s a policy we wish would be changed.

The Better Business Bureau partially attributes the strong A+ rating to a low complaint volume for a company its size. We agree with the BBB that for a company of this size and considering their production, this is a relatively low number of complaints over a three year period.

The company was also named best structured settlement company by the website Top Consumer Reviews for the past five years. The company’s website provides some pretty good information on selling an annuity and what you can expect from Stone Street. On the retail (retirement) annuity side, they advertise that the types of annuities they purchase are fixed annuities and inherited annuities.

Overall, Stone Street appears to be one of the more reputable structured settlement companies. Stone Street Capital has a lengthy track record with enormous funding volume which is a testament to its operations. Consider Stone Street as one of the 2 or 3 companies you should get quotes from when deciding ‘should I sell my structured settlement payments or annuity payments for a lump sum’?

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